The Truth about Vultra Network & Its owners / Rules They are all Fake and Need help!

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The Truth about Vultra Network & Its owners / Rules They are all Fake and Need help!

Post by WRARHD_2 on Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:08 pm

Hey Guys & Gals For you who don't know me i'm WRARHD Also Owner of the channel: WRARHD!
So i started making videos 3 years ago almost 4! So i Started Getting Big on Youtube and Not huge but Decent,So i decided to apply for a partnership and i saw this awesome Partnership Called Gaytra Network I mean Vultra Network! So i though OK let me apply what do you know i got accepted! So little did i know they Tricked me intro thinking there great Music / Supplies they gave me thinking only this Network only gets these perks! Well...... i was Really wrong i started getting friend request meeting new members and others so i was awesome So i started Doing Co labs & Meets and other great stuff! But they started Ripping me off my Money and Views Saying i didn't have This much and i should Get this much taken out of my Revenue! I was like WTF! So weeks Gone by i wanted to Leave this Crappy network & And the owner is a Dushe he Will take all your hard earn Work & turn it into Mush shit crap nothing! This Network Is the most Shittiest Network i have ever used or applied for and i wish i have changed Sooner! But To let you know if they remove this its because It's true and it is already true just see for your self! So hope you guys enjoy This network is crap and i hope they disconnect me i hate them and i Got personly Requested to RMP Network they offer better service! And better Help and Support witch Vultra Gets anyone intro there System and takes from them! Its the Truth! I will Make a YouTube Video soon Exposing All these Shitting ass People and Networks! Try to Report me or Take the video Down! I will forcefully Take this into Law's Hand! So please stay tuned! OHH And Did i say they Banned Me till 04/19/2038 My name is WRARHD They Banned me from the Forums Because i was gonna Expose them! So please Take Note i have warned You! PPPPFFTT
I'm New! :)
I'm New! :)

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