New To Vultra! Rome Total War Channel

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New To Vultra! Rome Total War Channel

Post by Biscuits Total War on Wed May 21, 2014 5:31 pm

Hi Vultra, I hope you guys are well!?

A couple of months ago I started my first ever YouTube channel. The channel is basically dedicated to Rome Total War 1.

What will you find on my channel?

  • Tactics, Tips and Tricks
  • "How to" videos, showing you how to modify RTW 1
  • Epic online battles, with some of the best online players
  • Submitted replay from other Rome total war players
  • Fully commentated videos
  • Lots of love for Rome Total War

Please check out my channel, please let me know what you think and please Subscribe!
Biscuits Total War
Biscuits Total War
I'm New! :)
I'm New! :)

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