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Welcome Wrestling Society X

Post by TheWSX-JordanCollins on Tue May 27, 2014 12:20 am

Hey Vultra. Welcome your newest Partner Jordan Collins from J.CeexProductions. I am the creator of WWE Games newest online e-fed/league check us out search TheWSX2k14 on YouTube. Please check us out, there is a description about who we are on the channel and website but I'll post it here as well for you all to view

The WSX will know be known as Wrestling Society. Formerly a dominante Clan in WWE Games, we have now made the move to become an online e-fed. Our mantra is REAL Wrestling - REAL Competition. We are not a simulated e-fed and all superstars earn thier spots here in Wrestling Society X. We are an innovation in online wrestling and we will continue to evolve.

I am really excited to help you all out and hopefully you can help me out to. If you have a video entrance send me the link and I an incorporte it into our show as a sponsor, like WWE do every so often.

As well could I please be listed as a partner as well
I'm New! :)
I'm New! :)

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